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A leading and trusted e-signature brand in Canada since 2013. Obtain legally binding signatures with our easy to use app that quickly authenticates documents with a uniquely identifiable mark. This electronic signature offers the same legal standing as a "handwritten" signature on a printed contract. So, your business no longer needs to use pens, paper, printers, scanners and mailing/delivery services.

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A cryptographic mechanism protects your data as well as your customer's data and it makes the payment with Moneris a secure way to transfer money from an account to another one.


Free trial electronic signature app in Canada

6 Reasons Why You Shoud Switch to an E-Signature App Right Now


1. To make your customers, the bank and suppliers happy. It may sound cliché but not pissing people off makes your organization more compelling when it comes to deal with it or buy from it. Marketing people know that the longer somebody has to wait to complete a transaction, higher the chances that person backs away. So, avoiding wait time, hassle of printing and the need to travel or send physical documents is a win-win situation.


2. It's REALLY safe. Even safer than handwritten signatures. Putting a signature on traditional paper documents is no longer considered as the safest way to seal a contract and a transaction by banks, notaries, and governments because such a signature doesn't contain traceable information about who, where and when. Using an e-signature app is now considered has a no brainer when you need a more enforceable and legally binding transaction compared to a paper-based solution. Canadian courts also allow e-signatures to be used as "evidence" in court cases.


3. Make business with remote communities. Canada is a super wide country with a lot of geographically dispersed local stores, small suppliers, institutions, and individuals. Using an e-signature app makes their lives a lot simpler and give them access to quality services abroad without any waiting time. It's now easier than ever to build trust while using 100% legally binding documents and trying to tap into different geographies.


4. Get paid faster. Brokers and lawyers enjoy getting paid in the minute while making it legally safe for their clients. So can you with your own business (whether you are vet, a phychologist, copywritter, photographer, etc.). Using Moneris or other integrated payment systems, your customers can pay you in just one click with Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, a debit card, Interac, etc. It also eliminates the risk of not being paid in the case of a cheque not being honoured (non-sufficient funds) or to experience a 3-5 day delay after a bank transfer. In other words : it shortens your sales cycle.


5. Close more sales. When a potential customer reaches the shopping cart of your website but doesn't finalize an order, there's not much you do. Online marketers call it the "black hole" and studies report that up to 75% of potential sales are not completed on any given online store. On the other, an e-signature solution provides you with all the details related to customer or business. So, it's easy to get in touch directly and make your pitch in person. It's probably the most efficient way to increase both your sales and conversion rate.

6. Deal with fully mobile people. A lot of business owners and sales managers still believe that the only way to conduct a B2B deal is to meet or to sit in front of a computer. Fact is that there are deals and good sales to make with people on the move. They might be playing golf, walking on the beach, stopping at restrooms, and so on but still willing to do business with you. Failing to offer them a smartphone compatible e-signature app is forcing them to deal with you only from the office and during business hours. Are you sure you want to go that one-way route? Using a phone makes everything possible 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.




Furthermore : manual collection of payments and document management is quite a tedious and tiresome task for entrepreneurs, freelancers and managers. If you are looking for a faster turnaround, an e-signature app is a safe shortcut that will transform your organization and the way you process contracts and invoice forever. It gives you the ability to update them on the fly as well (based on the special requests made by your customers, bankers, suppliers or authorities).


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6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to an E-signature App Right Now

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