Choosing the Right Digital Signage Software

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We help real estate agencies, car dealerships, factories and institutional organization to pick the most appropriate cloud-based digital signage software for their needs at a reasonable price. We can install interactive booths, terminals, video walls and touch screens whenever needed in Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton and more throughout Canada.

Digital Signage Software for Car Dealership

The main thing to keep in mind is to choose a software that will last for years to come for a variety of reasons :


1) Time : Training staff and managers takes times. You don't want to have to start over next year and train them again because the light, cheap or free digital signage software you went with in the first place no longer fulfills your needs. It's a mistake that A LOT of companies make in Canada.


2) Versatility : Media formats and contents are becoming more sophisticated than ever. Graphic designers, advertising agencies and marketing strategists are creative people that work hard to catch the attention of your customers, patients, visitors, employees... They constantly upscale their formats and technologies and a low-level digital signage software that was perfectly doing the job for you last year won't be able to handle 4k videos, ASF, SWF, H.264, HTML5, QR codes or the latest version of Unity3D next year. If you think that a basic app that runs old Powerpoint contents is perfect for your organization, you might regret it soon after seeing what your competitors are currently producing on their side. Your favorite digital display software has to be ready for upgrades and able to generate/manage contents made using various formats.


3) Compatibility : Managing contents is cool, but connecting to a variety of external equipments and technologies allows your organization to benefit from limitless possibilities. Make sure your digital signage software has the modules to connect to SMS messaging through a cell phone carrier, Facebook business page, bluetooth, surveillance cameras (so you can see what's going out around your booth in real time), backup power unit (in case of power shortage), tablet, laptop, non-proprietary softwares, external lighting and spots (so you can control the light at your kiosk during the day), wi-fi, physical firewall (many hotels and stadium offer an extra layer of protection to their clients at the condition your interactive booth can connect to their firewall), speakers, laser show projector, fog machines and other interesting peripherals that improve user experience. The fact is that the IoT (stands for Internet of Things) is coming fast and specialists agree to say that interactive booths and big terminals will be used as nods to control a lot of peripherals. Why? Because they are powered with a high voltage, has backup batteries, offer a locked network protected by its own firewall and usually positioned in the middle (and at range) of everything in the area.


4) Context awareness : Monitoring the "ambient environment" through devices likes cameras, RFID gear, sensors, recorders, probes, etc. gives you the opportunity to create a heatmap and better understand the behaviour of your customers or visitors. An advanced digital signage software tracking bodies provides precious data ranging from timespent, shopper interests, acquisition, and other analytics. And it's not all. If your software is equipped with appearance recognition features, you can even identify the age, gender and ethnicity of your visitors. Identifying recurrence (a person coming more than once) is also a major evolution coming soon in the industry. Based on those analytics and tracked profiles, context awareness modules can adapt their message and promotions to different audiences.

5) Advertisers ready : Maybe it's not what you plan to do in the first place but buying a digital signage software that is already ready to be used by advisers can make you earn a lot. When your interactive booth, terminal or video wall is idling, there is a growing number of advertisers willing to pay to use it to their profit. The fact is that your displays are usually installed in crowded spots are along foot/car traffic paths. Since you own the spot and not them, they are looking to gain access to your displays and use them to broadcast their contents. Based on your location and time of the day, you could earn hundreds of dollars per hour by just renting your screens to a third-party ad agency. It's a good way to monetize your investment on the long term. But one again, you have to make sure that your setup is compatible with their advanced formats. Otherwise, they might be not interested to display Powerpoint slides...

6) Network health monitoring : If you are new on the digital signage scene, you must be warned about something. The worst thing that can happen to you is a "down" display. If it requires a technician to go to your display in order to reboot it, get ready to waste a lot of time and money (overtime, transportation, parking fees, etc.). Monitoring your devices remotely allows you to fix problems without having to show up. An advanced software with alert you at the second a display stops working properly and most of the time you can fix the problem in a minute from your personal cell phone using pre-programmed functions and features. It's also a peace of mind because at any given moment of the day, you only have to load the app and check health indicators to make sure everything is working perfectly.

7) Encryption and integrated firewall : Hackers are everywhere these days and operating from foreign countries. They are a constant threat to your displays not because they want to hack your display and broadcast silly and/or offensive contents but because they want your data (and sell them on the dark web). An interactive booth or terminal is a prey because it has access to a cloud-based platform, which gathers all your data at the same place. So, they can get access to names, playlists, marketing strategies, content designs in progress, list of your clients, and so on. That's why the best digital signage softwares have integrated encryption features, antivirus and firewalls over the years. Actually, a dynamic display is also a powerful computer running its own OS and managing hundreds dozens of logs. A simple denial of service can cost money for your company because during the down time your displays are not collecting data, promoting products and presenting contents to their audiences.


Cool ideas to display on your dynamic screens

- Weather forecasts : Yes, people look at it and it's a great way to catch their attention when trying next to inform them about other contents.

- Contests : Ask them to participate by submitting their email address or becoming a Facebook follower.

- Free Wifi : Use your booth as a hotspot that works only in a radius of 10 meters is a sure way to have your screen seen.

- People working out : Believe or not, everybody looks at people working out on a video. It's human nature to feel attracted to exercising human beings.

- News alerts : Connect to media feeds and make people aware of what's happening in the city or in the world.

- Horoscope

- Stock Markets

- Movie trailers : You don't have to ask any permission. Just broadcast movie trailers from Youtube in between your slides.